The Portfolio of Matt Duckett

Month: July 2016

Prologue: Manila

Travelogue and travel writing by artist and writer Matt Duckett

  I started my trip the ideal way: landing in one of the world’s largest cities, statistically the most dense. This is the perfect way to orient the palate, a verbose and ravenous introduction to a culture, the buffet method. First banking in a night sky above the red and gold dragons of traffic that slither


Soliloquy, oil painting by Matt Duckett

Imperfect recollections from an influenced mind of a night of music and magic.  The truth lies somewhere between history and this story, but there is no map that could ever lead us back there.   There were fruits and vegetables and weeds and beer and wine. Tim knew people of every municipality and social degree,

Website Relaunch: New Artwork and Articles Coming!

This website is under construction and should going live very soon. Please check back for some very exciting updates including new artwork, news, essays and sketches and travelogues from recent trips abroad.  I’m rebuilding the site to give a better user experience, make things a little more organized, and of course update my portfolio. Thanks