I am available for commissioned work. If you’d like to work with me to create a customized, personal painting, please contact me.

Subjects can include nearly anything you like. Prices will vary depending on the project, but for a very rough estimate, consult the table below. Parameters listed on he table are estimates only. All dimensions and prices subject to change.

For a better idea of cost, please contact me to figure out what you want. You might see a work from my website that you’d like to reference, or have an original idea. 

(h x w)
Head Only
Full Body
Add’l Subjects
(price per head)
10″ x 8″$150$175
16″ x 12″$750$900$250
24″ x 18″$1,200$1,500$375
36″ x 24″$2,500$3,000$400
48″ x 36″
and larger

All commissions require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of total project fee to begin. This reserves your commission and initiates the subsequent project steps. Payment in full is due at completion of the painting and prior to delivery to the client.

Framing is not included in the above costs, but can be provided by the artist. Quote available separately.


Step 1.

You may see a painting on my site the resonates with you, but want a customized subject. Or, you may have an idea for a painting that you’d like to have made. I’m happy to discuss your ideas and create a unique work of art full of personal meaning to you. Occasionally, I can use photographs you have taken, although the requirements of painting may mean such photos are inadequate. I am happy to review and discuss this option.

Step 2.

Once the commission is initiated, I will create a rough sketch of the image to work out the general composition and elements that will appear in the final. This may be a rough pencil sketch or a digitally painted representation. Once approved, the commission will move to:

Step 3.

The painting surface is created and painting begins. Ideally, I will paint the subject from life. This provides the maximum of visual information and the best understanding of the sitter’s form, and results in the best likeness and deepest amount of detail and realism.

When the subject is not available to sit, or if they are available for a limited amount of time, I can work from photographs. I prefer to take the photos myself, so that I can control the lighting and composition, identify areas that may need closeups or alternate angles, and work with the subject to get the most personality in the photos given the curtailed presence.

Step 4.

Painting is finalized, either from photographic reference or from subsequent sitting sessions with the subject. A temporary varnish will be applied to the surface to protect it while the paint film cures. A final varnish will be applied after 6 months from completion, if the work is available. The painting will then be delivered after remittance of final payment. If framing is to be handled by the artist, the painting will be delivered framed. This may result in a delay of up to 2 months in some cases, though it often results in little if any delay.