Materials List

Painting the Figure
with Matt Duckett

Great River Arts
September 23, 3–6 pm

Join Matt for an afternoon as we explore painting the figure and portrait from life. Topics include creating a palette, composition, drawing, likeness, color mixing, edges and brush work.

A list of Matt’s commonly used materials, and which will be used at the workshop, are below.

Workshop attendees may work in paint or drawing media, and it is recommended they use the materials they are most comfortable with or wish to improve at. It is not necessary to purchase these materials. Items with an asterisk (*) are recommended minimum.


Canvas or linen panel, 16″ x 12″ to 24″ x 18″*


Flat bristle and mongoose or badger hair, sizes 0-12*
Filbert bristle sizes 2-6
Round bristle and synthetic, sizes 0-4


Matt uses primarily Winsor & Newton and Old Holland oil paint. His alla prima palette consists of:

Alizerin Crimson*
Cadmium Red Light*
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Yellow Light*
Cadmium Lemon
Yellow Ochre Pale*
Naples Yellow
Olive Green*
Ultramarine Blue*
Cobalt Blue
Raw Umber*
Burnt Sienna*
Winsor Violet
Titanium White

Media and Solvents:

Turpenoid or Odorless Mineral Spirits/Gamsol*
Mayer Medium (Stand Oil/Turpentine/Damar)