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Aborlan: Part 1

Travelogue: Aborlan

  One foot in front of the other. Should be easy. But I was running through the airport now, with my goliath backpack strapped behind me and my barely zipable daypack buckled in front. The two overburdened bags hopped and clapped in asynchronous time like some leftover machine from the industrial revolution, with me in

Prologue: Manila

Travelogue and travel writing by artist and writer Matt Duckett

  I started my trip the ideal way: landing in one of the world’s largest cities, statistically the most dense. This is the perfect way to orient the palate, a verbose and ravenous introduction to a culture, the buffet method. First banking in a night sky above the red and gold dragons of traffic that slither

The Travelogue Begins

Travel Gear

My trip to the Philippines has begun! I have to thank everyone who bought artwork to help get this trip kicked off. Be sure to keep checking in as I document the experiences I have and the artwork I make as a traveling artist in the Philippines. Traveling as an artist is a science all its own.